voxi out on UK’s Proost

voxi is now available as part of Proost, the UK based “alt.worship” portal. Proost has for many years now provided an outlet for “inspiring resources that fuel faith” – movies, books, music and experiences, and has included voxi in their Lent batch of releases. Well worth checking out for sacred creatives.

They had this to say: “Expect strings and beautiful voices but with many surprises both ancient and modern and a song list that includes six languages. This is an amazing experience.”

Nelson Mandela’s 1979 Letter to Alan Paton


It seems timely to share this wonderful letter written by Nelson Mandela to my late grandfather Alan Paton in 1979 (thanks to nelsonmandela.org). It shows the generosity of spirit for which Mandela is now a legend. The transcription follows at the end.

This also connects Madiba’s “gathering to his ancestors”, with my own ancestry. The offering voxi can make is the song “Tixo” (isiXhosa for “God”; listen below and more here), whose words are taken from Paton’s “Cry the Beloved Country”:

“Tixo, Tixo, watch over me” prays Khumalo as he arrives in the dangerous new world that was Johannesburg. This typifies the faith required to forge the sort of change that Madiba both envisioned and wrought.

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Announcing voxi and a unique first album.

It appears to be a sad time to announce a creative birthing. But this has been brewing for the last 3 years, and it is now official : voxi’s first album.

Our tagline is “exploring sacred song spaces”. So perhaps this comforting album is something timely, given this week of mourning for Nelson Mandela.

The album includes a number of fascinating and moving back stories. For example “Fully Grey” (featuring the exciting, angelic voice of my daughter Gemma) was penned by Alison MacPhail who died at 28 but whose dearest goal was to become old, wrinkled and grey.

And “Abwoon“, the Aramaic “Our Father” might unintentionally be a reverent tribute to Madiba, “Tata, Father of the Nation.”

Out of a sense of artistic and spiritual journey, we have developed a unique sacred music referencing varied traditions from the Psalmists to the Post/Modern, using six languages.

So, our album is now available on iTunes and other outlets. I hope you find voxi an intriguing discovery and even see it as a veritable gift for Christmas 2013.